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Mobile devices driven traffic have surpassed traditional traffic routes over internet – and there’s no going back!

Well, a lot of people ask the future of mobile SEO and mobile friendly websites and what needs to be done to get their ecommerce business going for fast evolving SEO strategies. If you ask any SEO consultant about the importance of mobile friendly websites, he will simply point out the stats to make you understand the significance of developing your website mobile friendly.

In Pakistan, ecommerce industry has just started to shape up and things look promising for near future. Many new startups have popped-out of everywhere, giving a healthy market competition which is necessary for a growing industry. Now as a SEO consultant I have worked for numerous ecommerce websites and can safely say that, without any exceptions mobile driven traffic generates sales far exceeding the traditional routing traffic.

Here ecommerce businesses need to understand that it is the convenience that drives traffic over the mobile devices and that it will only grow in coming years. So, if you really want to make your ecommerce business grow, make sure you have a mobile friendly website with proper mobile SEO optimization.

Here’s a step by step process for Search engine optimization of mobile friendly websites. These steps should be followed by all SEO consultants in Pakistan, for better optimization of mobile website on Search Engines.

  1. Well, firstly you got to understand the convenience of mobile friendly websites and at this point we can just forget about the search engine optimization and search engines. It is the ease of access that have given rapid rise in mobile driven traffic and that the trend isn’t going anywhere in future.
  2. Secondly, you got to target a particular search engine. You got to know the right search engine that targets your intended market and have most number of users. This include studying the users’ pattern for search engine use (i-e are they happy to go with default search engines like Google for Android devices or Explorer for Windows based devices or they use specific search engine irrespective of their mobile platform). You can easily access the data for devices which accessed your website through Google Analytics, which will give you a fair idea about the share of mobile devices accessing your site and also about your potential target users. As a matter of fact, Google is the single largest search engine used in Pakistan as well as around the world, and this is why you should optimize your mobile site for Google.
  3. Once you know your target search engine, lookout for SEO expert who can then take over your optimization work. Firstly, as SEO consultant needs to assure that your site is Google friendly (Google is strongly preferred sites that are optimized for mobile platforms). There is a complete Google update available over the internet for mobile friendly testing, which can help your SEO consultant in setting optimization priorities.
  4. Not testing each differently style page for mobile friendliness is a common mistake made by most SEO experts in Pakistan. This can prove deadly as it’s going to overall site ratings. So, make sure to submit mobile friendly site to Google’s Search Console, which in turn will give you all errors found at every page of your site.
  5. Lastly, make sure your mobile friendly site’s page speed is within the limits of Google. Slow loading sites are the worst performer with maximum bounce rates – this is especially worse-off for mobile friendly websites. So, make sure your page loading speed is adequately adjusted within the limits of Google.


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