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How SEO Specialists Of Pakistan Defines SEO

SEO Expert in Pakistan

Search Engine Optimization, the only very effective way through which you can market your business, online, throughout the world. This online marketing of every business has become one of the most essential things and without this, in today’s world; it is too hard achieve the desired goals. Let me give you an overview of how SEO is important for any business. This overview has been extracted/ taken from the advices of best SEO specialists of Pakistan. As we all knows that in today’s world the new generation wants everything to be done online whether it is shopping, online lectures, online application for scholarships, online submission of bills etc. By seeing this online trend many multinationals and other giant companies started to build up their websites. These websites is actually the online representation of their business. They now display every item of their company on the websites along with the prices and a delivery service which in some cases is free while in other is paid.

So, what’s next? The online representation is there but the problem then arises is how would this reach to the people who are in search of such items? There are thousands of such websites which has grasped the top positions of search engines. So, what such thing is there in your site that search engine would bring it the top pages? For this you have to hire an SEO expert and let him/ her to market your site. If you are the owner of website, after hiring an SEO expert, your work is done. It’s not on the optimizer how he markets your site and brings it to the top of search engines. This optimizer will/ should have to carry out the most effective tactics in order to gain the top position on search engine.

But, it not at all means that the site owner should think that he/ she is now free of all tasks.  They are only free form the work of SEO. It is a must for the site owner to continuously keep checking what techniques the optimizer is carrying because some optimizer may carryout black hat techniques which instead of building your business will ruin it. Black hat is the illegal way to carryout Search Engine Optimization and search engines take strict actions against it. However, the being owner you should take care of your business and constantly see the back links, whether they are appropriate or not.

Ending my short overview, which I have learned/ extracted from some of the finest SEO specialists of Pakistan, I hope you all have understood the importance of it in the upbringing of your business. The SEO specialists of Pakistan come in the top SEO specialists of the world.

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Advanced SEO Techniques

Most Advanced On-Page SEO Techniques

SEO Consultant in Pakistan

If you are a marketer/ optimizer, it is very crucial for you to stay updated and know the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. You can only achieve your target if you are well aware of the advanced techniques whether they be on-page or off-page techniques. As a search engine optimizer your task is to provide the best results and to bring the website on top pages of search engine. Now, in order to accomplish this task an SEO has got a lot of methods and techniques, but the thing that matters is that if only the optimizer uses the most effective on-page and off-page concepts to optimize the targeted website only then will he/ she be able to achieve the target of seeing the site in the list of top 10 websites and this would be called as an effective optimization.

After repeatedly reading the word advanced techniques, advanced techniques, it is of sure that a question somewhat similar to this would be rising in your mind, if you are an initial/ beginner level SEO. The question would be like what are these advanced techniques? Or how do I get aware of these advanced techniques? Or questions similar to these mentioned questions. However, the answer to this is very simple, you have to do research. Yes, the main work of an optimizer is to do research and find out new techniques for effective optimization. So, if you are a beginner to SEO you should remember that research is the main thing to do in optimization. You either carry out research by yourself or you can get in contact with an experienced SEO for guidance.

There are many SEO specialists in Pakistan who can assist you in your work or you can also take help from Pakistan SEO consultant who provides online consultancy throughout the world. Anyhow, we here are also providing only a few such concepts which are among the most appreciated techniques for only on-page SEO.

  • The Use of keywords: This is a simple and common concept but still many people, especially those who are new to the filed do not give much importance to keywords. Search engine when goes through the pages of your website it discovers the keywords from every page. For example, If you have posted information on a particular topic, search engine collects keywords related to that topic and it gather these keywords from the headlines, title tag of your page, alt attribute of images, meta description and from the rest of the text available on page.
  • Term Frequency- Inverse Document Frequency (TF- IDF): It is actually the measurement of judging how frequently a keyword is being used in a particular document. This is the simplest ranking function through which a search engine ranks a particular keyword. For example, the keyword is “The Black Horse”. Here there are three different words ‘the’, ‘black’ and ‘horse’. The search engine will search every document for this keyword and as the word ‘the’ is very common which appears several times in every document, the search engine would eliminate this word and focus on the less used words which are ‘black’ and ‘horse’. It will first find out how many times these words are used in a particular document, and then it would compare it with other documents having the same keywords and finally rank the keyword according to its frequency.
  • Segmentation of pages: Segmentation of pages today has a lot of importance because people have started using smartphones. So, every website should be developed in such a way that the side bars, headers, footers and other thing on the site appears perfectly even if one opens them through smartphones.

These were only some of the on-page techniques that you should use or you can get consultation from Pakistan SEO consultants through their online service which is free of cost for a limited time period. Furthermore, if you a resident of Pakistan you can get training from SEO specialists of Pakistan who known for their work around the world.

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Pakistan In The Field Of SEO

Blog by Zain Ul Haq Fareedi - SEO Consultant in Pakistan

How far has Pakistan gone in the field of Search Engine Optimization? This is a question of which every single search engine optimizer from Pakistan should be aware of, especially the once who are new to the field or the once who are willing to join the field. In Pakistan this field was started some eight to ten years ago when no one was aware what SEO really stands for and what is the use of this particular field. Online working was considered as something very easy and useless which is not going to make your future. But however, the perception of people which they made for online working has all gone vain and today online business has almost captured the business industry. If we see in depth, it would reveal that today no business giant is independent of online marketing. The online marketing eventually came as a bright opportunity for optimizer and after further going in depth of SEO the already SEO experts of Pakistan came forward as not only the SEO specialists of Pakistan but today are known as the best SEO consultants from Pakistan providing consultancy worldwide.

With having a wide experience in the field of search engine optimization the Pakistani SEO consultants are today serving as the senior SEO analysts/ exerts and specialists in some of the well-known corporations of the world. SEO experts in Pakistan are also providing various SEO services such as the case of is the platform where are able to get consultancy from the most experienced SEO consultant of Pakistan. You will be provided with overwhelming services in every field of search engine optimization. Remember that SEO is evolving day by day and without getting consultancy from the accurate source you are never going to be a good SEO specialist in Pakistan or not even an admired SEO of your area or office.

However, the field of SEO was rooted almost a decade ago and its fruits are being seen today. From 2011 it has emerged as one of the powerful areas of specialization and we can see people spending time on taking internships and courses of SEO. This shows that Pakistan is standing shoulder by shoulder with the world. Its talented people do not lose any of the chances to come forward and show their talent, representing their country.

With the increase in the field of marketing, the business of online shopping also started growing in Pakistan and worldwide. Many people and even the giant shopping markets, dress designers, jewelry designers etc., started to display their products through establishing their online stores. This again resulted in a boost in the field of SEO as for marketing their products they either contacted the SEO consultants of Pakistan or hired SEO experts from within the country. It is being seen that the field will further grow in the region.

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SEO, SEO Tools

Best SEO Tools To Use, By SEO Experts In Pakistan

Blog by SEO Consultant in Pakistan - Zain Ul Haq Fareedi

SEO is the field in which you have to carry out every single step manually, there is no automatic traffic generating tool in the field of Search Engine Optimization. You have to carry out manual steps and tricks for link building (off-page) and on-page SEO. But however, after the usage of some tools you can convert the SEO process from fully manual to semi-manual. So, what are these tools through which you can make you SEO semi-manual? The SEO specialists/ Experts of Pakistan have listed the best SEO tools which can make your work easy. And we here in this article will mention only a few of those tools. If you want a detailed description and the whole list of such tools you can either get in touch with SEO experts in Pakistan or can yourself find out the tools through internet search. Here is a list of paid and unpaid/ free tool.

Unpaid/ Free tools:

  • Google webmaster: Webmaster is a tool for website owners through which they can easily check the status of their websites. This is Google’s one of the best services which is free of cost. Through it a person can check the number of links submitted, what number of links is indexed, in what on-page content there is duplication etc.
  • Moz SEO toolbar: Another much important SEO tool through which you can easily listen the page and domain authority and also can check the information related to back link directly and immediately. This is the reason behind the excess use of this tool by SEO experts as through it one can instantly have a glance of the whole site.
  • Google Analytics: This is an advanced SEO tool which is mainly used by people to see the organic and business traffic on their sites. The feature due to which it becomes the most advanced tool is its capability to increase the number of users.
  • Screaming Frog: This is another advanced and one of the best featured SEO tools which is being used by several SEO experts of Pakistan and abroad. The reason behind it being one of the best featured tools is that this tool allows you to search scripts, websites, links, images and several other things giving an overview of the searched items as well.
  • Google Page Speed Insight: This tool is being used to increase the loading speed of a page and this feature of this tool makes it an outstanding tool which encourages SEO personals or website owners to use the tool.
  • Google Trends: Another most important tool is Google Trend which keeps you up to date on every latest industry trend in the field of Search Engine Optimization. This tool also helps the optimizer in getting comprehensive support regarding the keyword research.

Paid Tools:

  • Moz: This paid tool gives you a lot of assistance in order to increase your page rank. It provides you the on-page suggestions, landing page tracking, analytic data, keyword tracking etc. the cost this amazing tool is $99.
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Learn SEO Tricks From Pakistan SEO Consultants

SEO Tricks By SEO Consultant Zain Ul Haq Fareedi

As we know that Pakistan is rich in talent due to which there exists some of the best SEO experts who by providing SEO consultancy in Pakistan and abroad are fulfilling their role to spread more and more knowledge of Search Engine Optimization in order to make it one of the most popular and demanding fields. These SEO experts of Pakistan are continuously keeping themselves up to date on every new SEO strategy. So, we here in this article have decided to pick out some of the best tricks that these SEO specialists of Pakistan have mentioned in their lectures. These SEO tricks include the on-page and off-page optimization of a website through which better results can be gained more easily and effectively. Other than reading these few points you should also follow the SEO experts of Pakistan so that you can remain updated on every new SEO trick. However, under are some of these tricks.

  • Selection of Keywords: Selection of keywords before going to write the article or post is very essential for a website. Keywords are the words which are being searched by searchers on search engines. When you select keywords before start writing the article, you then would easily be able to stuff these keywords in the article through an effective optimization will be carried out.
  • Areas to use keywords: In an article there are certain area where you have to stuff keyword these areas include the H1 tags, the H2 tags, Meta description, alt attribute of image and in the body of the article. In the H1, H2 tags and Meta description you have to use the keyword at least once while in the body of article you have to stuff the keyword with a ratio of 100:3 which means 3 keywords in 100 words. You can reduce these keywords to 100:2 but not increase them from 100:3 as this may sometime be counted as spam.
  • Article submission: This is something you have to do in off-page optimization. Article submission comes in link building in which you go through various high PR websites and request them to publish your keyword stuffed article on their webpage. If this high PR website like ‘Ezine’ accepts your request or publishes your article on its site, after the checking of quality of your article, it means you have achieved something in your article marketing/ link building. This is because sites like ‘Ezine’ accept only a few articles and once your article is published on such a site then you surely are one of the luckiest guys.
  • Blog commenting: An old but useful trick for link building purpose. People mostly use this trick as it is a simple trick to post you link on any blog. So, majority of people, ignoring other effective methods, only pay attention on this trick and submit a lot of links in a single day, irrespective of what will be its consequences. The effective way of blog commenting is to post maximum 5 links of your site on high PR and related to your topic blogs.
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Dominating SEO Trends In 2014

SEO Expert in Pakistan

Many things have changed after Google’s Penguin 3.0 update. The Penguin 3.0, for numerous companies have resulted as the worst experience of the year, 2014, while on the other hand for several other companies it came as a big support from Google. What happened after the Penguin 3.0 update was that, about 5 million or even more than this websites got penalized and lost their Google ranking. Among these websites were some which belonged to well known companies and several small sites took their place. This was a great shock for optimizers and SEO service providers. The update brought forward all that was being done behind the back of various companies. The truth reveling updated, made companies realized that their sites were not in the hands of experts but instead black hat optimizers where dealing with their sites and for so long they have only wasted company’s money.

Well, this is not the first time that companies or SEOs has gone through such a huge shock, but these kinds of shocks are very common in the field of Search Engine Optimization. Every year when Google releases any of its update it results in millions of sites being penalized and that is the best of punishments Google give to black hatters. However, let’s get back to the point of discussion that is the dominating SEO trends for the upcoming year, 2015. So, after the unveiling and effect of Penguin 3.0 below are the most useful techniques and which will and should be dominating in 2015.

  • Social Media: Social media is one of the finest ways through which more and more customers can be attracted to your business. Social media is the platform through which various companies have achieved a leading position in society. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc are being used for brand promotional issues by leading brands of every business sector prefers social media marketing for the promotion of its brands.
  • Google Authorship: It is necessary for every optimizer, website owner or writer to know the increasing importance of Google Authorship. Through it Google makes sure the reputation of author, its trustworthiness, the type of content which are being published on the website and the quality of website, all of these are the most essential elements that are used for the determination of authorship.
  • Content marketing: After that much advancement in SEO now it is being believed that content marketing is almost similar or is equal to SEO. But however, there is a much difference between both of these two processes. The process of keyword stuffing which is used for the promotion of a website is actually the part of SEO of which a content writer should be aware of. Such types of processes do not make SEO and content writing the similar thing. However, for SEO, it today has no value or SEO cannot be carried out without high quality and keyword stuffed content marketing. For the marketing of your content you have to find out the best sites where you can publish you contents. You publish guest posts, articles and blogs on various valuable sites.

Besides these there would be many more dominating trends for SEO in the upcoming year but these are such techniques which will never let you feel every technique has failed. These techniques irrespective or other techniques will remain in the list of dominating trends for a long period of time depending on their quality. Today several SEO experts in Pakistan use these ways due to which the names of Pakistani SEO Consultants in the list of top SEOs of the world. SEO experts of Pakistan are well aware of every effective idea that should be used for website ranking. Many SEO experts of Pakistan are today working with international companies only because of their talent and SEO skills. These SEO experts of Pakistan are also being awarded on their high quality and expertise in the field of SEO.

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