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Most Common Mistakes In SEO

SEO Consultant in Pakistan - Zain Ul Haq Fareedi

As we all known how sensitive is the field of Search Engine Optimization. Seeing its sensitivity, it is the duty of an optimizer to manage the work in the most unique and efficient manner. But unfortunately many people SEOs instead of dealing things in an efficient manner makes the biggest mistakes due to which either the site get penalized or do not come to rank even after spending a lot of time and energy on the sites. If you are one of such optimizer who is facing problem in getting search engine ranking, then small piece of information is surely going to assist you throughout your work. The mistakes regarding SEO that we are going to mentions are actually the very common mistakes which every new/ beginner lever SEO practices.

The SEO consultants in Pakistan in their list of the shameful SEO related mistake have mentioned several of such mistakes. But however, we have gone through every such list, which has been created by SEO consultants in Pakistan, and have picked out only a few of such points/ mistakes and that we are going to share with you in this article.

  1. Unnecessary Usage of Keywords: The SEO specialists in Pakistan, has stated that content marketing is one of the main and the fastest result gaining technique. They further mentioned that the unnecessary usage of keywords in an article is seen as spam and it comes in the black hat techniques. Keywords should be efficiently and limitedly used in articles.
  2. Content Duplication: Duplicate contents within the same site are the worst and the most shameful of all the mistakes. After having several plagiarisms detecting tools there comes no reason of posting duplicate content. It is not only that you are not allowed to copy contents from other sites and post on yours but duplication within your own site is also not allowed. These duplications mostly occur in two ways:
  • Duplication in Title tag and Meta Description.
  • Duplication of contents in more than one location in a single site.
  1. Use Meta Keyword Tags: This tactic no longer works. There was a time when search engine algorithms gave weight-age to Meta keyword tags but today they keep no value and to use them can become harmful for you as it is an unintentional way through which you are publicizing the digital strategy, you have adapted, to your rival.
  2. Non Unique Meta Description and Title Tags: According to the SEO consultants in Pakistan and abroad the title tags and Meta descriptions of every page should be unique. There are CMS such as Joomla and Drupal which auto-generate the titles of pages due to which several optimizers rely on this. This technique is totally unacceptable as the page title and Meta descriptions are the most important parts of on-page SEO, therefore, these should be unique.