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Dominating SEO Trends In 2014

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Many things have changed after Google’s Penguin 3.0 update. The Penguin 3.0, for numerous companies have resulted as the worst experience of the year, 2014, while on the other hand for several other companies it came as a big support from Google. What happened after the Penguin 3.0 update was that, about 5 million or even more than this websites got penalized and lost their Google ranking. Among these websites were some which belonged to well known companies and several small sites took their place. This was a great shock for optimizers and SEO service providers. The update brought forward all that was being done behind the back of various companies. The truth reveling updated, made companies realized that their sites were not in the hands of experts but instead black hat optimizers where dealing with their sites and for so long they have only wasted company’s money.

Well, this is not the first time that companies or SEOs has gone through such a huge shock, but these kinds of shocks are very common in the field of Search Engine Optimization. Every year when Google releases any of its update it results in millions of sites being penalized and that is the best of punishments Google give to black hatters. However, let’s get back to the point of discussion that is the dominating SEO trends for the upcoming year, 2015. So, after the unveiling and effect of Penguin 3.0 below are the most useful techniques and which will and should be dominating in 2015.

  • Social Media: Social media is one of the finest ways through which more and more customers can be attracted to your business. Social media is the platform through which various companies have achieved a leading position in society. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc are being used for brand promotional issues by leading brands of every business sector prefers social media marketing for the promotion of its brands.
  • Google Authorship: It is necessary for every optimizer, website owner or writer to know the increasing importance of Google Authorship. Through it Google makes sure the reputation of author, its trustworthiness, the type of content which are being published on the website and the quality of website, all of these are the most essential elements that are used for the determination of authorship.
  • Content marketing: After that much advancement in SEO now it is being believed that content marketing is almost similar or is equal to SEO. But however, there is a much difference between both of these two processes. The process of keyword stuffing which is used for the promotion of a website is actually the part of SEO of which a content writer should be aware of. Such types of processes do not make SEO and content writing the similar thing. However, for SEO, it today has no value or SEO cannot be carried out without high quality and keyword stuffed content marketing. For the marketing of your content you have to find out the best sites where you can publish you contents. You publish guest posts, articles and blogs on various valuable sites.

Besides these there would be many more dominating trends for SEO in the upcoming year but these are such techniques which will never let you feel every technique has failed. These techniques irrespective or other techniques will remain in the list of dominating trends for a long period of time depending on their quality. Today several SEO experts in Pakistan use these ways due to which the names of Pakistani SEO Consultants in the list of top SEOs of the world. SEO experts of Pakistan are well aware of every effective idea that should be used for website ranking. Many SEO experts of Pakistan are today working with international companies only because of their talent and SEO skills. These SEO experts of Pakistan are also being awarded on their high quality and expertise in the field of SEO.

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