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What the SEO Holds for Future in 2017?

Top SEO Trends in 2017 |

The SEO industry entered 2017 mimicking cautiousness from the highs and lows of 2016. The first quarter of 2017 saw some fresh updates (as expected) from Google “The Fred Algorithm” that have sent waves of sensation to businesses and SEO agencies alike. SEO firms are looking to invest in contemporary prospects that can help generate more traffic and better visibility for their clients. One word that describes SEO industry is got to be “Evolution”. The industry has been evolving ever since its inception and we can expect even more evolution for coming years.

If you are looking for top tools and techniques for SEO in 2017, continue to read as we take you to some of the most robust and high potency investments in Search Engine Optimization tools.

Accelerated Mobile Pages:

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPS) will continue to dominate the world of SEO in 2017. Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMPS enable webmasters to create instantly loading web pages for mobile devices and tablets. By instantly loading we mean pages that take 3 seconds or less to open. Google has hinted to benefit sites with AMPS, as it enables users to visit website quickly and effectively. Remember, it’s a world of competition and slow means death here. We have the statistics backing the abandoning of slow loading pages by users (by slow we mean taking more than 3 to 5 seconds).

Understanding the AMP equation:

Though most sites haven’t been yet shifted to AMP, still it is one technology for the near future. Many businesses have shifted their operations to this mode or at least have prepared to make the shift. There are two reasons for the lighting flash response of AMPS, firstly it uses eight-times less data than traditional pages, thanks to lighter CSS and HTML. Secondly, contrary to traditional pages that come from the server, AMPS comes from the cloud which makes them too fast to compete by any traditional pages coming from the server. Usually, AMPS come with a lightning bolt icon, making them easy to recognize and if you haven’t moved yet it is time to started picking pace in this direction.

Mobile SEO:

Searches made with mobile devices had surpassed traditional searches way back in 2015. The number has only grown since then. Google has now put a high emphasis on mobile friendly websites, giving high rankings to businesses with mobile optimized sites.

As per the official Google policy, it needs websites to be optimized for all types and sizes of mobile devices. Recently, it has announced mobile first index. What this mean is that the search engine crawlers will now crawl and index mobile version of a website before the desktop version. This one factor is enough to speak volumes for the significance of mobile SEO.


If you haven’t invested in branding your business, it’s time you start doing it right now. Search engine marketing is all about branding. You got to market your brand and develop users trust to it. An effective branding can serve as your most lethal weapon in SEO industry; where you get organic traffic without spending blood and sweat on other tools and tricks. Social media has also started to favor customized posts over machine generated or generalized posts – thus submitting to the importance of personal branding.

Content Marketing:

Ok, this is one crucial factor that has retained its importance throughout the evolution history of search engine optimization. Like from the very beginning, highly optimized and relevant content marketing will remain the flash point for SEO in 2017. In fact, the very first 2017 update “Fred” is all about fresh, engaging, relevant and informative content marketing.  Any irrelevant, overstuffed and outdated content will be getting penalized heavily, while fresh content is going to get higher rankings in coming months.

Quality Content

Companies that generate quality content will reap huge rewards in 2017. Usage of keywords will still matter, but for the coming year, content that answers the questions of the site visitors will be given more value. This 2017, consider the site users and the questions that they might be asking when creating content. Consider their thought processes and make sure that the content is not just a string of keywords but an article that enlightens them and gives them the answers they need.

Video Content

It has been a while since video marketing has entered into the sphere of SEO services. Now it seems that it has entered to stay indefinitely. Many pundits have termed video content as the future of content marketing. Though we can’t say for the far future at the moment, we can safely predict it to be a decisive factor for SEO in 2017.

As a starter, you can start using videos within your content as a way to make it more appealing and interesting. Websites that have incorporated video content within their content marketing strategy have reported a substantial increase in traffic; though we aren’t sure of percentage increase.

Voice Search

Voice search is one phenomenon that has been present for quite a while now and is still trying to make its inroads as part of SEO services. Having said that, we strongly advocate relevancy of voice search in search engine marketing and it is certainly gaining momentum each year. In an estimated survey, nearly 50% teens termed voice search as their preferred mode of search, whereas, 56% adults termed voice search as an enjoyable mode.

The voice search phenomenon is expected to grow this year as well. Primarily because it makes our lives much simpler; perhaps talking to a cell phone is much easier and enjoyable than typing right? Something to consider here is that people using voice searches won’t be using same phrases or keywords over here which they use while typing. It will be more off like common speaking words and languages and you should be able to understand the intent of searcher for the spoken words.

The “Fred” update:

As we have already mentioned above, it has been merely 3 months and Google has already rolled-out its first update “Fred”. The update is all about penalizing the black-hat SEO services used by businesses. Unethical content marketing and bad backlinks are two areas that are going to be hit by this update.

Businesses and SEO firms in the past have used over-stuffed irrelevant content and bad backlinks to boost their search engine rankings. However, with Fred update, any outdated, irrelevant content and bad-backlinks are going to be penalized for low ranking and visibility.

Fred update also indicates where’s Google is taking SEO services in 2017. It is all about incorporating the right techniques and synchronizing different tools the right way.

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All About Mobile

Mobile devices driven traffic have surpassed traditional traffic routes over internet – and there’s no going back!

Well, a lot of people ask the future of mobile SEO and mobile friendly websites and what needs to be done to get their ecommerce business going for fast evolving SEO strategies. If you ask any SEO consultant about the importance of mobile friendly websites, he will simply point out the stats to make you understand the significance of developing your website mobile friendly.

In Pakistan, ecommerce industry has just started to shape up and things look promising for near future. Many new startups have popped-out of everywhere, giving a healthy market competition which is necessary for a growing industry. Now as a SEO consultant I have worked for numerous ecommerce websites and can safely say that, without any exceptions mobile driven traffic generates sales far exceeding the traditional routing traffic.

Here ecommerce businesses need to understand that it is the convenience that drives traffic over the mobile devices and that it will only grow in coming years. So, if you really want to make your ecommerce business grow, make sure you have a mobile friendly website with proper mobile SEO optimization.

Here’s a step by step process for Search engine optimization of mobile friendly websites. These steps should be followed by all SEO consultants in Pakistan, for better optimization of mobile website on Search Engines.

  1. Well, firstly you got to understand the convenience of mobile friendly websites and at this point we can just forget about the search engine optimization and search engines. It is the ease of access that have given rapid rise in mobile driven traffic and that the trend isn’t going anywhere in future.
  2. Secondly, you got to target a particular search engine. You got to know the right search engine that targets your intended market and have most number of users. This include studying the users’ pattern for search engine use (i-e are they happy to go with default search engines like Google for Android devices or Explorer for Windows based devices or they use specific search engine irrespective of their mobile platform). You can easily access the data for devices which accessed your website through Google Analytics, which will give you a fair idea about the share of mobile devices accessing your site and also about your potential target users. As a matter of fact, Google is the single largest search engine used in Pakistan as well as around the world, and this is why you should optimize your mobile site for Google.
  3. Once you know your target search engine, lookout for SEO expert who can then take over your optimization work. Firstly, as SEO consultant needs to assure that your site is Google friendly (Google is strongly preferred sites that are optimized for mobile platforms). There is a complete Google update available over the internet for mobile friendly testing, which can help your SEO consultant in setting optimization priorities.
  4. Not testing each differently style page for mobile friendliness is a common mistake made by most SEO experts in Pakistan. This can prove deadly as it’s going to overall site ratings. So, make sure to submit mobile friendly site to Google’s Search Console, which in turn will give you all errors found at every page of your site.
  5. Lastly, make sure your mobile friendly site’s page speed is within the limits of Google. Slow loading sites are the worst performer with maximum bounce rates – this is especially worse-off for mobile friendly websites. So, make sure your page loading speed is adequately adjusted within the limits of Google.


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