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How To Get More Clicks On Your Facebook Ads

Facebook is the largest social media platform; ever in history!

With over 4 billion active users, there is little other platforms can do to match the brilliance and potential of Facebook.

Imagine, if you have the power to market your business in a platform so diverse and immense; how much can you gain from it?

Facebook advertising has become an standard and highly recommended practice for all SEO campaigns.

Want to know how many businesses are investing in Facebook advertising?

Well, this year alone Facebook is poised to make $4 billion revenue just from advertising! Do your mathematics buddy!

This figure clearly underlines the important and significance of Facebook as a marketing platform. However, the question that needed to be answered is; how to launch a proficient advertising campaign over Facebook and how to make users click your ads and actually go for your products/services?

In early days, many businesses that had invested in Facebook ads failed to attract significant traffic; which make them discard Facebook as a powerful marketing platform.

Don’t believe such crap! I repeat, don’t believe such crap!

If you are looking to get your first ad campaign rolling over Facebook, this guide can help you get the very insight into effective techniques, tips and tricks for a successful and highly returning ad campaign.

First things first; how really Facebook Ads work?

Brilliant minds behind Facebook has really transformed it from merely a social media platform to a powerful and rigorous marketing platform. The formidable marketing tools are available for several business models. These marketing tools can help you create a sensual ad campaign and launch it to highly targeted and relevant audience.

Presence of over 4billion users means a massive market ready to be tapped; you just need the right tools. Facebook ads can be targeted according to numerus filters including their locations, personal interests, latest searches, age, demography etc. Interestingly, Facebook is the only platform that offers so many filters to be used to target audience. Once you are done with your ad production, you can set your budget for each click, daily, weekly or monthly impressions.

Targeting Facebook Ads:

You won’t find more target filters over any other platform as much as you find on Facebook. While launching a Facebook ad campaign, choosing the right target audience is explicitly what you need to do.

Some filters which you can use to target audience include:

  • Age
  • Demography
  • Interests
  • Language
  • Gender
  • Relationship status
  • Workplaces
  • Location
  • Education

Each of these filters can be useful in itself, however, the most important filters that can get you most Facebook likes and clicks include: location, gender, interests and age.

  1. Location Targeting:

Location targeting is one of the most robust and powerful filters, especially for local businesses. For instance, if you are a small coffee shop located in Houston, you don’t need to market your shop to users from other states of other countries. Facebook location filter allows you to choose users’ located within specified radius to your business. In this case you can choose some 25km radius around your shop that would give you precise potential customers’ visiting your shop.

This also help you localize your search as per your business needs – which alternatively mean that you can get more likes and clicks from potential customers within your budget.

  1. Gender:

This is again an important determining factor that can help you target right audience to your business. For instance, if you are selling some girls’ stuffs you won’t be doing any good marketing to male profiles. Again, with this powerful filter you can choose your target gender without having to spend more on useless marketing.

  1. Age:

Another important filter that can help your Facebook ad get maximum likes and clicks is Age. You can determine your target audiences’ age group in combination of age, location and gender – that gives you the ultimate marketing campaign. For instance, if you want to market your gym your target audience will be in age group of 20 to 40 years. Marketing to this age group will get you maximum likes, clicks and potential ROI as well.

  1. Interest:

Combine Location, gender and age filters with interests and you have the ultimate winning recipe. Most often businesses miss out on this important filter that can make or break their campaign. For instance, marketing your bodybuilding supplements to audience to little or no interest in this trade is simply waste of time, energy and investment. Choosing the right interest group for your business in combination with other filters can help you win over and maximize your returns on investment for sure.

  • More on precise interest targeting:

With the data-backed information, Facebook marketing offer you complete command over choosing your target audience based upon their personal interests and liking. Apart from listed likes and interests, the pages likes, item searched, videos watched can also reveal a great deal about personal interests of audience. Therefore, precise interest targeting can give you best results for an effective ad campaign.

There is a diverse assortment of personal interests listed in Facebook’s data bank; ranging from Harry Potter to Skiing. All you need to do is to search out the right interest group for your business. Facebook also make available the size and volume of audience for your specific precise search group. A common mistake made by ad planners is to go with the largest audience group; which are more expensive and less targeted.

Other important factors for successful Facebook ad campaign:

  1. Images:

No matter how professional and creative copywriting you perform, images will have their influence over audience. Your image should be highly interactive, relevant; something that just grabs attention of users in an instant. A low quality or poorly made image will get you nowhere.

Never use stock-photos, generic photos, low resolution images or copyrighted imagery. Never ever try to use any image from Google Images and never try to use your LOGO; until of course you are a famous brand of legal entity.

Ok, since now you don’t have any free meals here; you got to create your own mesmerizing and unique images that can attract users. Here are some tips to follow for lead generating images for Facebook ads:

  1. People:

Nothing relates to audience more than well-used images of people. Well taken close-up shots of people, which resembles your target audience is a sure shot of success!

Words of caution: Use images of people that resembles your target audience. For instance using a 25YO girl’s image to target retirees won’t take you anywhere.

Pro Tip: Faces used in images should be faced towards right. This will subconsciously take your audience towards the line of sight; so they might end-up reading your text.

  1. Formatting:

Use highly readable, large (not very large but just large enough to be conforming to eyes) and bright colors.

  1. Little Humor can do the trick:

Every person likes to see or read something humorous and statistics have shown that funny ads gets above average clicks.

  1. Ad Copywriting:

Any successful copywriting effort should follow basic AIDA:

  • [A]ttention: Caught your reader attention with some FLASHY and INTRIGUING headline
  • [I]nterest: Give reader something that he is interested in or show present him with some benefits of using your product/service
  • [D]esire: Throw-out some desirable stuff; like discounts, special edition, limited time offer, free trial etc.
  • [A]ction: End your ad with straight call to action

Don’t hesitate to write multiple AIDA ads; before you struck the best selection of words with the right pitch.

A Good Example for AIDA copywriting can be like:

  • Become a web designer
  • Get yourself equipped with the latest tools and techniques of web designing industry
  • Get special discount by enrolling till 10th April!
  • Get yourself register now!
  1. Landing Pages

Ok you have done everything right and succeeded in getting a click.

But wait, clicking isn’t the only thing you want right? It’s just the beginning.

Traffic without sales is of no use for your web business.

Thereby, make sure you end your Facebook ad by giving them some interesting and relevant landing page.

You know the person’s age, location, interest, gender etc. now it is up to you how you can utilize these indicators to convert them into potential buyers.

Feed them what they want and you are good to operate your web business


Creating a Facebook ads with all these considerations will certainly help you get more clicks and likes. However, they won’t get you conversion rates; until you feed your audience what they want. Intelligent investment in Facebook marketing will certainly reveal its fruits; you just need to have some bucket to be able to hold on to them.

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