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Google Rolls-out Mobile-First Indexing – Time to Re-Strategize your Business Web Presence!

Google Rolls-out Mobile-First Indexing –

Google today officially announced shifting towards mobile-first indexing for websites. Well, this has been in the pipeline for quite a time now (as Google itself claimed that it has been experimenting its testing), and today it was finally announced by the search engine giant.

For people unaware of mobile-first indexing, it refers to a change in Google’s algorithm to list websites on the basis of its content. Traditionally, Google crawler used the desktop version of website’s content to index, and rank websites. However, users have reported issues with mobile versions of ranked websites. Now, at a time when the number of mobile searches has surpassed desktop searches, Google has finally transited to the mobile-first indexing, so mobile users will have better results for what every service/product they are looking for. Website owners who are migrating to mobile-first indexing will be notified by Google. Such websites can expect increased Googlebot crawl rate. Moreover, the mobile version of the websites will be listed in search results, as well as in Google Cached pages.

It is important to note that mobile-first indexing doesn’t mean Google now has two separate indexing; one for desktop results, and another one for mobile searches. Rather, there will only be one search-index for both desktop and mobile searches; the only difference is that now websites will be ranked primarily for their mobile compatibility.

With this update, it is imperative for website owners to make mobile compatible sites with more dynamic web design, and fresh content. The mobile-first indexing will help websites that have traditionally maintained a mobile compatible version of their website to rank higher than those who have chosen to ignore mobile compatibility of their sites. Moreover, as per Google, the search engine will prefer non-AMP pages for mobile version over AMP pages.

At this point in time, websites that don’t compete in mobile searches don’t need to panic. According to Google, businesses out of this wave will continue to be represented on its search engines without any disadvantage; even after mobile-first indexing.

Now, this doesn’t mean that websites with incompatible mobile websites, should stay relaxed. Google has increasingly shown its favor towards the mobile version of websites and this is latest in line with its policies to transit from primarily desktop based on mobile based. The search engine giant has been encouraging website owners to make their sites’ content mobile friendly. The sites are ranked based on dynamicity of their content for desktop, as well as mobile sites. We can expect a lot more focus and significance on mobile-friendly content in coming years. Thereby, now is the right time for website owners to transit their way towards mobile compatible websites, in order to continue ranking at top positions in Google.

Summing Up:

–    A broad rolling of mobile-first indexing, at this point in time this won’t make disadvantage to ranking for websites with incompatible or absent mobile presence

–    A heavy endorsement for mobile compatible content for websites looking to increase their ranking in Google

–    Fast loading time can help achieve better ranking for desktop, as well as mobile website searches

–    This isn’t the only variable in Google’s ranking algorithm, and there are various other variables that sum up to bring a website to the top position

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What the SEO Holds for Future in 2017?

Top SEO Trends in 2017 |

The SEO industry entered 2017 mimicking cautiousness from the highs and lows of 2016. The first quarter of 2017 saw some fresh updates (as expected) from Google “The Fred Algorithm” that have sent waves of sensation to businesses and SEO agencies alike. SEO firms are looking to invest in contemporary prospects that can help generate more traffic and better visibility for their clients. One word that describes SEO industry is got to be “Evolution”. The industry has been evolving ever since its inception and we can expect even more evolution for coming years.

If you are looking for top tools and techniques for SEO in 2017, continue to read as we take you to some of the most robust and high potency investments in Search Engine Optimization tools.

Accelerated Mobile Pages:

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPS) will continue to dominate the world of SEO in 2017. Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMPS enable webmasters to create instantly loading web pages for mobile devices and tablets. By instantly loading we mean pages that take 3 seconds or less to open. Google has hinted to benefit sites with AMPS, as it enables users to visit website quickly and effectively. Remember, it’s a world of competition and slow means death here. We have the statistics backing the abandoning of slow loading pages by users (by slow we mean taking more than 3 to 5 seconds).

Understanding the AMP equation:

Though most sites haven’t been yet shifted to AMP, still it is one technology for the near future. Many businesses have shifted their operations to this mode or at least have prepared to make the shift. There are two reasons for the lighting flash response of AMPS, firstly it uses eight-times less data than traditional pages, thanks to lighter CSS and HTML. Secondly, contrary to traditional pages that come from the server, AMPS comes from the cloud which makes them too fast to compete by any traditional pages coming from the server. Usually, AMPS come with a lightning bolt icon, making them easy to recognize and if you haven’t moved yet it is time to started picking pace in this direction.

Mobile SEO:

Searches made with mobile devices had surpassed traditional searches way back in 2015. The number has only grown since then. Google has now put a high emphasis on mobile friendly websites, giving high rankings to businesses with mobile optimized sites.

As per the official Google policy, it needs websites to be optimized for all types and sizes of mobile devices. Recently, it has announced mobile first index. What this mean is that the search engine crawlers will now crawl and index mobile version of a website before the desktop version. This one factor is enough to speak volumes for the significance of mobile SEO.


If you haven’t invested in branding your business, it’s time you start doing it right now. Search engine marketing is all about branding. You got to market your brand and develop users trust to it. An effective branding can serve as your most lethal weapon in SEO industry; where you get organic traffic without spending blood and sweat on other tools and tricks. Social media has also started to favor customized posts over machine generated or generalized posts – thus submitting to the importance of personal branding.

Content Marketing:

Ok, this is one crucial factor that has retained its importance throughout the evolution history of search engine optimization. Like from the very beginning, highly optimized and relevant content marketing will remain the flash point for SEO in 2017. In fact, the very first 2017 update “Fred” is all about fresh, engaging, relevant and informative content marketing.  Any irrelevant, overstuffed and outdated content will be getting penalized heavily, while fresh content is going to get higher rankings in coming months.

Quality Content

Companies that generate quality content will reap huge rewards in 2017. Usage of keywords will still matter, but for the coming year, content that answers the questions of the site visitors will be given more value. This 2017, consider the site users and the questions that they might be asking when creating content. Consider their thought processes and make sure that the content is not just a string of keywords but an article that enlightens them and gives them the answers they need.

Video Content

It has been a while since video marketing has entered into the sphere of SEO services. Now it seems that it has entered to stay indefinitely. Many pundits have termed video content as the future of content marketing. Though we can’t say for the far future at the moment, we can safely predict it to be a decisive factor for SEO in 2017.

As a starter, you can start using videos within your content as a way to make it more appealing and interesting. Websites that have incorporated video content within their content marketing strategy have reported a substantial increase in traffic; though we aren’t sure of percentage increase.

Voice Search

Voice search is one phenomenon that has been present for quite a while now and is still trying to make its inroads as part of SEO services. Having said that, we strongly advocate relevancy of voice search in search engine marketing and it is certainly gaining momentum each year. In an estimated survey, nearly 50% teens termed voice search as their preferred mode of search, whereas, 56% adults termed voice search as an enjoyable mode.

The voice search phenomenon is expected to grow this year as well. Primarily because it makes our lives much simpler; perhaps talking to a cell phone is much easier and enjoyable than typing right? Something to consider here is that people using voice searches won’t be using same phrases or keywords over here which they use while typing. It will be more off like common speaking words and languages and you should be able to understand the intent of searcher for the spoken words.

The “Fred” update:

As we have already mentioned above, it has been merely 3 months and Google has already rolled-out its first update “Fred”. The update is all about penalizing the black-hat SEO services used by businesses. Unethical content marketing and bad backlinks are two areas that are going to be hit by this update.

Businesses and SEO firms in the past have used over-stuffed irrelevant content and bad backlinks to boost their search engine rankings. However, with Fred update, any outdated, irrelevant content and bad-backlinks are going to be penalized for low ranking and visibility.

Fred update also indicates where’s Google is taking SEO services in 2017. It is all about incorporating the right techniques and synchronizing different tools the right way.

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SEO Interview Questions & Answers 2017

SEO Consultant in Pakistan

Search Engine Optimization is a fundamental realm of the digital marketing industry. Thus it is essential for optimizers and marketers to learn effective strategies and build command over contemporary techniques used in this field.

Below we have compiled a brief yet powerful list of questions and answers that can help businesses get the basic of Search Engine Optimization Industry in 2017.

What does Search Engine Result Page (SERP) refer to?

Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) refer to the results displayed over the search engine pages in context with specified queries. Each search engine result page comprise of most relevant material from numerous sources; which also now include advertisements.

What’s the difference between organic results and paid results?

Organic results refer to the traffic that is being driven by white hat SEO techniques; this includes blog writing, press releases, email marketing, content writing, backlinks etc.

Paid results refer to the traffic that is driven by paid marketing campaigns over search engines. Google charges websites for their advertisements to be displayed at top of SERP that drives adequate traffic to the landing page.

As per the digital marketing experts, which is the most effective component of any SEO campaign?

Though there are a number of components that needs to synchronize perfectly for an efficient SEO campaign; still content marketing remains one of the most important components out of the lot. Content marketing is often mixed or confused with SEO, refers to precise contents written with excellent sales pitch (a pitch that sells without actually selling), relevant and informative material and intriguing writing style.

Though content marketing is often taken as an entirely separate technique of digital web marketing; in reality, it is yet another digital marketing technique that supplements SEO campaign.

What do “long tail keywords” refer to?

Long Tail Keywords refer to specified keywords used as queries. These are highly effective when it comes to driving traffic to your site. Moreover, statistics have shown better conversion rates for long tail keywords than specified keywords. For instance, “Tulip delivery in Australia” might generate more queries; however, the traffic driven by this keyword might or might not be interested in the actual purchase of the product. Alternatively, “Cheapest same day tulip delivery in Sydney” will generate more specified and purchase oriented traffic towards the website.

Digital Marketers and SEO specialists have long proponed the efficiency of selecting right long tail keywords to enhance traffic as well as optimize conversion rates.

What about LSI?

Latent Semantic Indexing or KSI refers to keywords that are displayed at the end of SERP for any query. These are alternative keywords displayed by a search engine in order to facilitate users with relevant searches.

Is there a difference between On-page and Off-page optimization?

On-page optimization refers to the process of optimizing the structure, content, titles, tags and canonicals of the website for better SERP rankings. On-page optimization is a prerequisite technique for any off-page SEO campaign.

Off-page optimization refers to the marketing of website on numerous forums using different tools and tricks. Content writing, blog posts, newsfeed, press releases, backlinks, social media marketing, PPC are some of the important components of off-page SEO campaign.

What’s a perfectly SEO-optimized URL?

Any URL that’s short, relevant and simple can be a SEO-optimized URL. One of the best strategies is to inculcate keywords in URL to make it SEO friendly and better optimizable.

Are meta-titles and description important for search engine optimization?

Indeed! Meta-tiles and Meta-description are utterly important for any successful SEO campaign. These serve as your introduction to search engine crawlers which then gave ranking to your website as per its relevance with the keywords. So, all Metatiles and Metadescriptions should be written with care and incorporate relevant keywords as per the landing page.

What’s the relevance of heading tags in SEO?

Heading tags refer to the divisions that separate webpage heading from sub-heading. In SEO hierarchy, there are 6 header tags namely H1 to H6.

These header tags bring in the consistency and relevance of on-page content and keywords with respective pages; thus helping in building website’s relevancy to search engine queries.

What’s the difference between search engine optimization and search engine marketing?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the set of tools that are utilized to drive organic traffic to the website. The fundamental principal of SEO campaign is to increase the website’s visibility, brand recognition, and traffic through organic means.

Search engine marketing (SEM) refers to various advertising tools and mediums used to drive traffic towards a website. Paid platforms like AdWords, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, brochures are some of the platforms that are used to generate more traffic for the website.

What’s the right keyword density for a page?

Unfortunately, there is no straight answer to this. Perhaps the very basic of this question is the wrong conception of keywords optimization.

Firstly, rest assured that there isn’t any official figure for keywords density from Google or any other search engine. In fact, using too many keywords on a page can actually backfire and result in “Keyword stuffing” penalization. So, all you got to do is to write your content in a regular smooth way without stressing too much on a particular keyword. An intelligently written content will have sufficient opportunities to insert keyword without having to modify or break the content flow.

Is there a difference between inbound and internal links?

Inbound links connect other websites to your content, whereas, internal links refer to inter-website links (a link present on a certain page of your website that directs to another page of your website). These both are high regarding links for SEO purpose.

Is there any official number for a number of internal links on a page?

No! Just like there’s no official figure for Keyword density same is the case with a number of internal links. Here again, you should avoid over-stuffing page with too many internal links. You can simply a nominal number of links where you think they will help improve readers’ experience.

Is coding knowledge necessary for SEO?

For majority SEO elements, you don’t need an understanding of codes. However, there are contemporary search engine optimization techniques that require at least basic concept and understanding of coding. Again, it isn’t a compulsion but having knowledge can better serve your interest.

What is the use of robots.txt?

Robots.txt is a page that delivers search engine information for indexing or crawling of web pages.

What’s the role of sitemap.xml in SEO?

As can be taken by name, this is a file that serves as a quick reference of your site to search engines. Basically a simple index file for all pages.

Is there are the difference between search engine indexing and crawling?

Indexing and crawling are two terms that supplements each other well. As the search engine robots will go through the content present on your website, they are basically crawling though. Once, they have crawled through the content, they will index the content. Here it is worthy to note that not all crawled content is indexed by search engine.

What is the purpose of alt text?

Alt text refers to the text inserted with images. Remember, the search engine can’t read out the images; however, they can read the text inserted as alt text with images. This helps them understand the purpose of imagery. This can also help when a page doesn’t load for some reason or another, users can still read out the alt text and understand what the image was all about.

How much time is needed to quantify SEO results?

That’s a tricky and technical query. First of all, you should know the difference between quantifying results and getting your desired results. By quantifying results we mean to measure the impact of each SEO elements (like we can quantify the traffic driven to the site by specific link or social media marketing or blogs etc.). Each and every SEO element is quantifiable, so you can straightaway start measuring the difference your SEO techniques produce.

Secondly, as far as measuring the success of SEO campaign is concerned, it depends upon numerous factors some of which include:

  • Quality and quantity of content produced
  • Relevance of content to your product/service
  • Various tools and techniques used and their synchronization
  • Websites’ size (large or small)
  • Domain authority

For instance, large sites with frequently updated contents can easily get results in few days (this is because search engine crawlers frequently visit their site). Whereas, it may take some time for smaller sites to get results due to less frequent crawling of search engines. It is however advised to wait at least two weeks before judging the efficiency of your SEO strategy.

Is it a good idea to hire some professional SEO agency for online business?

This is a good as well as risky business. First of all, there is no alternative to hiring a reputed and experienced SEO agency. This is because they have the right expertise working with the right strategies to rick all right indicators for your business SEO. However, the only risk here is hiring an unprofessional agency that can actually ruin your website with its outdated, unprofessional and black hat SEO services.

So, the only box to tick before hiring an SEO firm is the “experienced, reputed and recommended”.

These are some of the basic principles of search engine optimization practices in 2017; however, there are other many queries that you need to know for running a comprehensive and effective SEO campaign. The most important component of any SEO campaign in 2017 is to create a perfect blend of numerous techniques and utilize different platforms in perfect synchronization for ultimate search engine results.

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All You Want To Know About Google “Fred” Update – Isolating The Illegitimate From Legitimate!

There has been a buzz in industry regarding the latest algorithm “Fred” update by Google. The update was released last month and since then businesses have been raising questions regarding its impacts on traffic and rankings.

We decide to give you the first scoop for all you need to know about Fred algorithm right here.

Google has traditionally been tight-lipped for any changes or updates to their algorithms. In past also we have seen numerous large and small updates from Google as part of its constantly revolving policy. This time it is no different as it has been a month since the release of latest Fred algorithm and we have just started to see its substantial effects over search engine rankings.

Though there haven’t been any official stance over the areas being hit by “Fred”, however, the only clue that have been rolled out is that “Fred” update will be targeting websites that do not adhere to webmaster guidelines. This means that websites with poor-quality content and low-rating backlinks are most vulnerable to get penalized for their Black-Hat SEO. Though poor quality backlinks and content aren’t the only factors that are expected to be penalized with “Fred”, however, these two are the most common for black-hat SEO strategy.

Don’t get Nervous – There’s always light at the end of tunnel!

If you have already been penalized or fear that you will be hit with penalty, here’re some steps that you should start working on right now:

  1. First of all you should see if you are already hit with “Fred” or not. You can easily know this through Google Analytic traffic and keywords monitoring. If you saw a lowered traffic or keyword ranking for the month of March; most probably you have been penalized.
  2. Whether or not you have been penalized; it’s time to invest in high quality content. Add some fresh, relevant and highly engaging content to your website – the early you do this the better!
  3. Identify keywords that have lost rankings; you can do this easily through comparing past and present rankings
  4. For keywords that have lost their ranking or with poor-quality content; start writing high quality, properly stuffed and relevant contents. It’s better to start-off this by pages that generated most traffic before “Fred”
  5. “Backlink Spam” tool can help you identify any or all bad backlinks that are dragging your position over search engine. Only leave high-quality “”good” backlinks like anchor text similarities, no follow etc. These are considered as website’s strength by search engine crawlers.

An Overlook to Fred Update and Concerns

To be precise, the “Fred” update seems to hit bad SEO tools that had been incorporated in the past. For instance, if you had any outdated, irrelevant or ad heavy content as your primary rank generator; your website can be hit any moment. So, basically all you got to do is to refresh your content with intriguing, informative and relevant information with naturally stuffed keywords (neither too low nor too high).

Apart from low-quality contents, bad backlinks are another area where “Fred” seems to hit hard. Most SEO agencies or businesses have invested in paid “artificial” backlinks, which now is going to affect your ranking badly. In fact, websites with outdated content are also vulnerable to bear bad backlinks. So, while updating your content you should simultaneously locate and remove any or all bad backlinks associated with your website.

Incorporating legal SEO techniques – The best way forward

As a matter of fact, this isn’t the first neither it will be the last update to hit bad or Black-Hat SEO techniques. Google has previously launched many updates aimed to tackle forged search engine results and optimize legitimate websites / businesses. This pretty much sums-up the way forward for businesses to invest in white-hat legitimate and webmaster’s recommended SEO techniques, provided they want to avoid “Fred” or any future update by Google.

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How To Get More Clicks On Your Facebook Ads

Facebook is the largest social media platform; ever in history!

With over 4 billion active users, there is little other platforms can do to match the brilliance and potential of Facebook.

Imagine, if you have the power to market your business in a platform so diverse and immense; how much can you gain from it?

Facebook advertising has become an standard and highly recommended practice for all SEO campaigns.

Want to know how many businesses are investing in Facebook advertising?

Well, this year alone Facebook is poised to make $4 billion revenue just from advertising! Do your mathematics buddy!

This figure clearly underlines the important and significance of Facebook as a marketing platform. However, the question that needed to be answered is; how to launch a proficient advertising campaign over Facebook and how to make users click your ads and actually go for your products/services?

In early days, many businesses that had invested in Facebook ads failed to attract significant traffic; which make them discard Facebook as a powerful marketing platform.

Don’t believe such crap! I repeat, don’t believe such crap!

If you are looking to get your first ad campaign rolling over Facebook, this guide can help you get the very insight into effective techniques, tips and tricks for a successful and highly returning ad campaign.

First things first; how really Facebook Ads work?

Brilliant minds behind Facebook has really transformed it from merely a social media platform to a powerful and rigorous marketing platform. The formidable marketing tools are available for several business models. These marketing tools can help you create a sensual ad campaign and launch it to highly targeted and relevant audience.

Presence of over 4billion users means a massive market ready to be tapped; you just need the right tools. Facebook ads can be targeted according to numerus filters including their locations, personal interests, latest searches, age, demography etc. Interestingly, Facebook is the only platform that offers so many filters to be used to target audience. Once you are done with your ad production, you can set your budget for each click, daily, weekly or monthly impressions.

Targeting Facebook Ads:

You won’t find more target filters over any other platform as much as you find on Facebook. While launching a Facebook ad campaign, choosing the right target audience is explicitly what you need to do.

Some filters which you can use to target audience include:

  • Age
  • Demography
  • Interests
  • Language
  • Gender
  • Relationship status
  • Workplaces
  • Location
  • Education

Each of these filters can be useful in itself, however, the most important filters that can get you most Facebook likes and clicks include: location, gender, interests and age.

  1. Location Targeting:

Location targeting is one of the most robust and powerful filters, especially for local businesses. For instance, if you are a small coffee shop located in Houston, you don’t need to market your shop to users from other states of other countries. Facebook location filter allows you to choose users’ located within specified radius to your business. In this case you can choose some 25km radius around your shop that would give you precise potential customers’ visiting your shop.

This also help you localize your search as per your business needs – which alternatively mean that you can get more likes and clicks from potential customers within your budget.

  1. Gender:

This is again an important determining factor that can help you target right audience to your business. For instance, if you are selling some girls’ stuffs you won’t be doing any good marketing to male profiles. Again, with this powerful filter you can choose your target gender without having to spend more on useless marketing.

  1. Age:

Another important filter that can help your Facebook ad get maximum likes and clicks is Age. You can determine your target audiences’ age group in combination of age, location and gender – that gives you the ultimate marketing campaign. For instance, if you want to market your gym your target audience will be in age group of 20 to 40 years. Marketing to this age group will get you maximum likes, clicks and potential ROI as well.

  1. Interest:

Combine Location, gender and age filters with interests and you have the ultimate winning recipe. Most often businesses miss out on this important filter that can make or break their campaign. For instance, marketing your bodybuilding supplements to audience to little or no interest in this trade is simply waste of time, energy and investment. Choosing the right interest group for your business in combination with other filters can help you win over and maximize your returns on investment for sure.

  • More on precise interest targeting:

With the data-backed information, Facebook marketing offer you complete command over choosing your target audience based upon their personal interests and liking. Apart from listed likes and interests, the pages likes, item searched, videos watched can also reveal a great deal about personal interests of audience. Therefore, precise interest targeting can give you best results for an effective ad campaign.

There is a diverse assortment of personal interests listed in Facebook’s data bank; ranging from Harry Potter to Skiing. All you need to do is to search out the right interest group for your business. Facebook also make available the size and volume of audience for your specific precise search group. A common mistake made by ad planners is to go with the largest audience group; which are more expensive and less targeted.

Other important factors for successful Facebook ad campaign:

  1. Images:

No matter how professional and creative copywriting you perform, images will have their influence over audience. Your image should be highly interactive, relevant; something that just grabs attention of users in an instant. A low quality or poorly made image will get you nowhere.

Never use stock-photos, generic photos, low resolution images or copyrighted imagery. Never ever try to use any image from Google Images and never try to use your LOGO; until of course you are a famous brand of legal entity.

Ok, since now you don’t have any free meals here; you got to create your own mesmerizing and unique images that can attract users. Here are some tips to follow for lead generating images for Facebook ads:

  1. People:

Nothing relates to audience more than well-used images of people. Well taken close-up shots of people, which resembles your target audience is a sure shot of success!

Words of caution: Use images of people that resembles your target audience. For instance using a 25YO girl’s image to target retirees won’t take you anywhere.

Pro Tip: Faces used in images should be faced towards right. This will subconsciously take your audience towards the line of sight; so they might end-up reading your text.

  1. Formatting:

Use highly readable, large (not very large but just large enough to be conforming to eyes) and bright colors.

  1. Little Humor can do the trick:

Every person likes to see or read something humorous and statistics have shown that funny ads gets above average clicks.

  1. Ad Copywriting:

Any successful copywriting effort should follow basic AIDA:

  • [A]ttention: Caught your reader attention with some FLASHY and INTRIGUING headline
  • [I]nterest: Give reader something that he is interested in or show present him with some benefits of using your product/service
  • [D]esire: Throw-out some desirable stuff; like discounts, special edition, limited time offer, free trial etc.
  • [A]ction: End your ad with straight call to action

Don’t hesitate to write multiple AIDA ads; before you struck the best selection of words with the right pitch.

A Good Example for AIDA copywriting can be like:

  • Become a web designer
  • Get yourself equipped with the latest tools and techniques of web designing industry
  • Get special discount by enrolling till 10th April!
  • Get yourself register now!
  1. Landing Pages

Ok you have done everything right and succeeded in getting a click.

But wait, clicking isn’t the only thing you want right? It’s just the beginning.

Traffic without sales is of no use for your web business.

Thereby, make sure you end your Facebook ad by giving them some interesting and relevant landing page.

You know the person’s age, location, interest, gender etc. now it is up to you how you can utilize these indicators to convert them into potential buyers.

Feed them what they want and you are good to operate your web business


Creating a Facebook ads with all these considerations will certainly help you get more clicks and likes. However, they won’t get you conversion rates; until you feed your audience what they want. Intelligent investment in Facebook marketing will certainly reveal its fruits; you just need to have some bucket to be able to hold on to them.

Get your Social Media Marketing including Facebook marketing done by SEO Expert in PakistanContact Now!

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It’s Time To Move Towards Online Shopping In Pakistan

E-commerce industry in Pakistan is shaping-up. Well that’s isn’t a mere statement, but has its due stats behind it. Though eCommerce industry in Pakistan lag far behind many other countries like China, India, Europe and America, good news is that it has finally began to grow. Today, 3% of the total population are online shoppers, which though represent a much meager situation but also shows off the potential of country for future.

People Often ask me about the future of eCommerce industry and that how safe it is to invest in eCommerce industry in Pakistan. Well, within my sight as a SEO consultant, I foresee a growing and booming future of eCommerce industry in Pakistan and I have my reasons to state that.

For instance, Rocket internet has been pouring a lot of investment into the eCommerce sector recently and for good effects. Similarly, many university groups are initiating their own eCommerce based websites that’s the focal center for all growing industries. One such example is “Uber for Rickshaw” which was started by local tech savvy boys in Lahore. It is innovation like these that I foresee a promising future for eCommerce industry in Pakistan.

Working as a SEO expert in Pakistan, I have had privilege of being part of many successful eCommerce businesses and for me it is only a matter of time that people will start moving from traditional shopping to online shopping industry. Going for online shopping isn’t just good for the businesses and industry, rather it is also a great ease for shoppers to be able to grab their hands on everything they need from their home. In fact, I would say that it’s due time to go for online shopping in Pakistan.

Here’s why you need to shop online in Pakistan:

  • Firstly, online shopping brings a whole new world of ease and comfort. Our lives are already too busy with work routines to be able to handle shopping pressure. Online shopping presents you an ideal opportunity to get anything you want (from clothing to edible items and from electronics to mechanical parts) right from the comfort of your home or even office. In fact, stats show that number of online shoppers from mobile devices have surpassed traditional online shopping (through laptops or desktops). This simply shows the efficiency and ease that online shopping brings into our daily lives.
  • Since, eCommerce industry is still expanding with new start-ups popping out of everywhere, there’s a healthy competition around in market. This healthy competition means that online shoppers have a chance to compare pricing over different eCommerce sites and get the best deal they found.
  • E-commerce business that links sellers to buyers like OLX, Pakwheels etc. are a great source of getting everything you want without any middleman. This is simply an amazing opportunity for shoppers to directly get in contact with sellers and but any additional costs.
  • E-commerce industry is in fact setting shopping trends in Pakistan (that we so dearly missed for all those years). These include special discount packages and yearly sales (Black Friday). In fact, this year Black Friday records the single largest sales volume in history (showing the acceptance of online shopping among general public).
  • There are all too many pros for online shopping and many more will follow as the industry grows. For now, you can definitely enjoy a premium shopping experience and avail all great discount packages through online shopping.

All About Mobile

Mobile devices driven traffic have surpassed traditional traffic routes over internet – and there’s no going back!

Well, a lot of people ask the future of mobile SEO and mobile friendly websites and what needs to be done to get their ecommerce business going for fast evolving SEO strategies. If you ask any SEO consultant about the importance of mobile friendly websites, he will simply point out the stats to make you understand the significance of developing your website mobile friendly.

In Pakistan, ecommerce industry has just started to shape up and things look promising for near future. Many new startups have popped-out of everywhere, giving a healthy market competition which is necessary for a growing industry. Now as a SEO consultant I have worked for numerous ecommerce websites and can safely say that, without any exceptions mobile driven traffic generates sales far exceeding the traditional routing traffic.

Here ecommerce businesses need to understand that it is the convenience that drives traffic over the mobile devices and that it will only grow in coming years. So, if you really want to make your ecommerce business grow, make sure you have a mobile friendly website with proper mobile SEO optimization.

Here’s a step by step process for Search engine optimization of mobile friendly websites. These steps should be followed by all SEO consultants in Pakistan, for better optimization of mobile website on Search Engines.

  1. Well, firstly you got to understand the convenience of mobile friendly websites and at this point we can just forget about the search engine optimization and search engines. It is the ease of access that have given rapid rise in mobile driven traffic and that the trend isn’t going anywhere in future.
  2. Secondly, you got to target a particular search engine. You got to know the right search engine that targets your intended market and have most number of users. This include studying the users’ pattern for search engine use (i-e are they happy to go with default search engines like Google for Android devices or Explorer for Windows based devices or they use specific search engine irrespective of their mobile platform). You can easily access the data for devices which accessed your website through Google Analytics, which will give you a fair idea about the share of mobile devices accessing your site and also about your potential target users. As a matter of fact, Google is the single largest search engine used in Pakistan as well as around the world, and this is why you should optimize your mobile site for Google.
  3. Once you know your target search engine, lookout for SEO expert who can then take over your optimization work. Firstly, as SEO consultant needs to assure that your site is Google friendly (Google is strongly preferred sites that are optimized for mobile platforms). There is a complete Google update available over the internet for mobile friendly testing, which can help your SEO consultant in setting optimization priorities.
  4. Not testing each differently style page for mobile friendliness is a common mistake made by most SEO experts in Pakistan. This can prove deadly as it’s going to overall site ratings. So, make sure to submit mobile friendly site to Google’s Search Console, which in turn will give you all errors found at every page of your site.
  5. Lastly, make sure your mobile friendly site’s page speed is within the limits of Google. Slow loading sites are the worst performer with maximum bounce rates – this is especially worse-off for mobile friendly websites. So, make sure your page loading speed is adequately adjusted within the limits of Google.


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Things To Do Before Starting An E-Commerce Website

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E-commerce based businesses have been on the rise for past many years. In fact, they are outdoing physical businesses for most part. According to one research that ask buyers about their shopping preference, 60% buyers responded in favor of online shopping as compared to traditional shopping. There is a strong buzz in market as for development of e-commerce website, as more and more software houses are getting into this business.

Personally as a SEO consultant, it is almost overwhelming to see the number of E-commerce based businesses approaching for search engine optimization. E-commerce industry in Pakistan is relatively new as compared to European, American or Chinese market and people have just started to take interest in E-commerce shopping. As a SEO consultant Pakistan I have been at the receiving end of numerous questions for search engine optimization of E-commerce site. Thus I decided to chalk-out few important considerations for a successful online store.


For all the possible reasons, choosing the right platform is the absolute necessity for any successful E-commerce website. It is simply a compulsion to choose the right platform as per your needs and requirements. Choosing the right platform also depends upon the amount of traffic you assume to be drive at your site.

Today there are various platforms which you can use to build your e-commerce website including: WordPress (the most used), Joomla, Magento, Opencart, osCommerce, Shopify, Zen Cart etc.

Among the listed platforms, WordPress is the most preferred and used e-commerce website platform. It is not only used for blogging purpose, rather it is also effective for portfolio, magazines and e-commerce websites. Today over 140million installations is recorded for WordPress worldwide, not to forget one is every sixth website that accounts for top million websites driven by traffic is built on this versatile platform. These stats simply reflects the popularity and acceptance of WordPress as the preferred website development platform. My personal experience as SEO consultant in Pakistan for WordPress powered e-commerce websites have been tremendous, as I have always found it versatile and adaptable. They can be easily integrated into different themes and plug-ins and are customizable.


Once you have your desired platform sorted out, it’s time to focus on e-commerce plug-ins for your website. To put it simply, e-commerce plug-ins help putting in place the shopping store on your website, this include tracking of sales, sales evaluation and most importantly installing payment gateways. There are various e-commerce plug-ins available in market today, but if you asked my preference then as an SEO expert Pakistan I love Woo-commerce.

Woo-commerce is a truly adaptable and easy to integrate e-commerce plug-in that enable shopping cart designing, implementation of checkout process and products’ allocation. You can also search out some great extensions and add-ons for Woo-commerce; which are easily available. Most of all, I personally find it easy to work with from SEO point of view.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Now that’s something of a love. No matter how efficient and rigorous platform or plug-ins you have incorporated to your e-commerce store, until you have made it SEO friendly, you aren’t going anywhere with your sales.

Search Engine Optimization is the heart of all e-commerce businesses and as an SEO consultant I will definitely recommend you to hire services for some SEO expert in Pakistan while in development phase, so as to ensure your website is SEO friendly. Remember, the higher your site’s visibility, greater the chance of attracting traffic.

A common misconception that I have seen prevailing in minds of e-commerce businesses in Pakistan is about their casual behavior towards getting the right SEO. There are hundreds of SEO consultants working in industry and as a professional SEO expert I myself advise all people out there to never ignore the importance of SEO friendly website (especially when its about ecommerce website).


Since as long as I have been working as a SEO consultant, one thing that have retained its importance is the content. Remember, back in days we use to hear slogans, “Content is king”? Well, this is true even today and you got to have your website content written in most proficient way, not only to attract traffic but also to rank in search engine ratings.

Make sure you update your website’s content on daily basis and make sure your content is written professionally with proper keywords incorporated. This will help you greatly in achieving higher SEO ratings and thus more traffic.

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Latest Google Search Trends in 2017

 “Change brings opportunity”, this is one motivational line that we all have heard many times. So, if change really is the opportunity to gain on, then I wonder why so many SEO experts panics when there’s a change in SEO?

Undoubtedly, SEO is one of the fastest evolving field where we see new techniques and algorithms being incorporated every now and then. If you haven’t followed the changing trends of SEO in past few years, you will be totally surprised to see a totally new face of SEO that have shaped the digital marketing world, as we see it today. In fact, thousands of web businesses vanished-off completely with each update of Google’s SEO algorithm update. Only last year we have witnessed some great changes that have inundated the SEO algorithms. Some of the more important updates that shook the SEO world last year include AdWords, Penguin 4.0, Possum and Mobile update 2. Nonetheless, there are SEO experts in Pakistan that understand the posing of each update and were able to withstand every change successfully. This year again, we are expecting more and more updates from Google and as an SEO consultant I thought it would be appropriate to list down few expected updates beforehand.

Here’re some of the top expected SEO trends for 2017:

Optimize User Intention

There’s no ending to the influence and relevance of keywords, as users will always user them for their queries in search engines. Now, there is a greater emphasis on keywords’ phrases and businesses need to find out the intent of users in phrases to make strategies.

This is one primary thing that you need to lookout for SEO trends in 2017 and SEO consultants need to focus more and more on the content production and intelligent use of keywords’ phrases, keeping in mind the intention of user. Once you got your intended phrases, discuss them with the client and keep your focus on analytics for the sway.

Cross Channel Marketing

Cross channel marketing refers to utilizing multiple channels for product marketing. The significance of using multiple marketing channels have certainly increased manifold in the past few months. The idea behind cross channel marketing is to increase the visibility and access of bran over various platforms and devices – so as to increase the chance of attracting customers and getting the sale. Keeping in track the efficacy of cross channel marketing, I would recommend SEO consultants to keep a check into this domain as its influence is only going to rise in 2017.

Mobile Marketing

If there is one thing that have revolutionized the SEO in past years, it is mobile technology. Mobile searches have surpassed traditional computer based searches and that have impacted the SEO techniques greatly. Today over 50% of traffic is generated through mobile devices and as an SEO expert I will highly recommend to watch out this one avenue closely for SEO trends in 2017. Interestingly, Google has also reflected its will to index web pages with respect to mobile first approach (something that’s going to trend greatly in 2017). Keeping the pace in view, I am personally betting Mobile Optimization becoming a compulsion for SEO in 2017.

Voice Search Algorithms

Voice Searching has been one of the top trending phenomenon over Google. This is one avenue that’s not only swift but also futuristic. Technicians and experts have been working to remove error rate frequency for Voice Searches, which is evident from the fact that error rate for voice searches has come down from 25% to nearly 8%.

Voice Search Algorithms are only going to get enhanced in 2017. Again being an SEO expert, I would highly recommend all SEO consultants to think about text-based searches and chalk-out strategies for Voice Search.


Artificial Intelligence

Lastly, I am betting on Artificial Intelligence as a SEO trend we are going to experience in 2017. Google has been investing lot of investment and energy over the Artificial Intelligence and perhaps it’s time to see some fanatic updates in it. If we are going to see implementation of AI in SEO, SEO experts will have to devise strategies to incorporate some radical changes to their optimization techniques.


Well, the first thing that we can easily conclude is that SEO isn’t going to die – anywhere in near future. Rather we would be better-of saying that there’re going to be some radical updates and shifts from traditional SEO strategies in coming years. I would highly recommend SEO consultants to keep an eye on the coming updates and start devising strategies to counter the negative impacts of these updates in 2017.

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Most Common Mistakes In SEO

SEO Consultant in Pakistan - Zain Ul Haq Fareedi

As we all known how sensitive is the field of Search Engine Optimization. Seeing its sensitivity, it is the duty of an optimizer to manage the work in the most unique and efficient manner. But unfortunately many people SEOs instead of dealing things in an efficient manner makes the biggest mistakes due to which either the site get penalized or do not come to rank even after spending a lot of time and energy on the sites. If you are one of such optimizer who is facing problem in getting search engine ranking, then small piece of information is surely going to assist you throughout your work. The mistakes regarding SEO that we are going to mentions are actually the very common mistakes which every new/ beginner lever SEO practices.

The SEO consultants in Pakistan in their list of the shameful SEO related mistake have mentioned several of such mistakes. But however, we have gone through every such list, which has been created by SEO consultants in Pakistan, and have picked out only a few of such points/ mistakes and that we are going to share with you in this article.

  1. Unnecessary Usage of Keywords: The SEO specialists in Pakistan, has stated that content marketing is one of the main and the fastest result gaining technique. They further mentioned that the unnecessary usage of keywords in an article is seen as spam and it comes in the black hat techniques. Keywords should be efficiently and limitedly used in articles.
  2. Content Duplication: Duplicate contents within the same site are the worst and the most shameful of all the mistakes. After having several plagiarisms detecting tools there comes no reason of posting duplicate content. It is not only that you are not allowed to copy contents from other sites and post on yours but duplication within your own site is also not allowed. These duplications mostly occur in two ways:
  • Duplication in Title tag and Meta Description.
  • Duplication of contents in more than one location in a single site.
  1. Use Meta Keyword Tags: This tactic no longer works. There was a time when search engine algorithms gave weight-age to Meta keyword tags but today they keep no value and to use them can become harmful for you as it is an unintentional way through which you are publicizing the digital strategy, you have adapted, to your rival.
  2. Non Unique Meta Description and Title Tags: According to the SEO consultants in Pakistan and abroad the title tags and Meta descriptions of every page should be unique. There are CMS such as Joomla and Drupal which auto-generate the titles of pages due to which several optimizers rely on this. This technique is totally unacceptable as the page title and Meta descriptions are the most important parts of on-page SEO, therefore, these should be unique.
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