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Strategies for Building Authority in Local SEO

Strategies for Building Authority in Local SEO - ZainUlHaq.com

By every passing year, the authority behind the site has become the focus of every local SEO expert in Pakistan. If someone would ask me the reason behind this, which leads to more focus on authority and relevance especially when it comes to local SEO services in Pakistan, I will surely relate it to the updates in core algorithm made by Google.

Just imagine that you want to hire SEO services and looking for one in your community. What type of service provider will you hire? A well-reputed authoritative service provider or some unknown beginner. The answer is obvious. Similarity, every business entity wants to build authority in its community. Are you one of them? If yes then following are the steps with which you can build authority within your niche with the help of any professional:

Your content is your king

What does this mean that your content is king? It means that your content has some value and you can create an authority when you will have some valuable content on your site. Remember having content for the sake of bombarding your site with words will not serve the purpose.

Relevancy with your target market

Second key to build authority is to keep your target market in mind while creating your content. For example, if you are selling high tech gadgets and want youngsters to buy your product, then your content must have something, which may attract them. Always remember that a buyer buys a product or pays for service for some reason. Try to facilitate him and target mind of your prospects with the uniqueness of your brand.

Focus on your social responsibility

Fulfilling a social responsibility has become a new approach for businesses, these days. However, this strategy should be adopted in relevance to your business. For example, if you are selling clothes in Pakistan then you can introduce green clothing online on discount for Independence Day. This will make your brand prominent in the target market and will increase value and trustworthiness towards your brand being a socially responsible brand.

Improve your GMB Listing

Keep your business information including its name, products or service details, addresses, contact details, social media profile links, etc. updated in Google My Business listing. I would surely appreciate those companies, which will provide me with accurate information and easy access to their products or services.

Apart from these, you can also adopt the following strategies to increase the authority of your brand web page:

  • Introduce guest blogging on your site and also include local citations.
  • Add information about any local event related to your industry on your page
  • Link some sponsor websites
  • Add customer feedback on your site

Last but not least, try to maintain authority and relevance side by side as they both will go along to make your brand unique and trustworthy among the others operating in the market.

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Google Rolls-out Mobile-First Indexing – Time to Re-Strategize your Business Web Presence!

Google Rolls-out Mobile-First Indexing – Zainulhaq.com

Google today officially announced shifting towards mobile-first indexing for websites. Well, this has been in the pipeline for quite a time now (as Google itself claimed that it has been experimenting its testing), and today it was finally announced by the search engine giant.

For people unaware of mobile-first indexing, it refers to a change in Google’s algorithm to list websites on the basis of its content. Traditionally, Google crawler used the desktop version of website’s content to index, and rank websites. However, users have reported issues with mobile versions of ranked websites. Now, at a time when the number of mobile searches has surpassed desktop searches, Google has finally transited to the mobile-first indexing, so mobile users will have better results for what every service/product they are looking for. Website owners who are migrating to mobile-first indexing will be notified by Google. Such websites can expect increased Googlebot crawl rate. Moreover, the mobile version of the websites will be listed in search results, as well as in Google Cached pages.

It is important to note that mobile-first indexing doesn’t mean Google now has two separate indexing; one for desktop results, and another one for mobile searches. Rather, there will only be one search-index for both desktop and mobile searches; the only difference is that now websites will be ranked primarily for their mobile compatibility.

With this update, it is imperative for website owners to make mobile compatible sites with more dynamic web design, and fresh content. The mobile-first indexing will help websites that have traditionally maintained a mobile compatible version of their website to rank higher than those who have chosen to ignore mobile compatibility of their sites. Moreover, as per Google, the search engine will prefer non-AMP pages for mobile version over AMP pages.

At this point in time, websites that don’t compete in mobile searches don’t need to panic. According to Google, businesses out of this wave will continue to be represented on its search engines without any disadvantage; even after mobile-first indexing.

Now, this doesn’t mean that websites with incompatible mobile websites, should stay relaxed. Google has increasingly shown its favor towards the mobile version of websites and this is latest in line with its policies to transit from primarily desktop based on mobile based. The search engine giant has been encouraging website owners to make their sites’ content mobile friendly. The sites are ranked based on dynamicity of their content for desktop, as well as mobile sites. We can expect a lot more focus and significance on mobile-friendly content in coming years. Thereby, now is the right time for website owners to transit their way towards mobile compatible websites, in order to continue ranking at top positions in Google.

Summing Up:

–    A broad rolling of mobile-first indexing, at this point in time this won’t make disadvantage to ranking for websites with incompatible or absent mobile presence

–    A heavy endorsement for mobile compatible content for websites looking to increase their ranking in Google

–    Fast loading time can help achieve better ranking for desktop, as well as mobile website searches

–    This isn’t the only variable in Google’s ranking algorithm, and there are various other variables that sum up to bring a website to the top position

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All You Want To Know About Google “Fred” Update – Isolating The Illegitimate From Legitimate!

There has been a buzz in industry regarding the latest algorithm “Fred” update by Google. The update was released last month and since then businesses have been raising questions regarding its impacts on traffic and rankings.

We decide to give you the first scoop for all you need to know about Fred algorithm right here.

Google has traditionally been tight-lipped for any changes or updates to their algorithms. In past also we have seen numerous large and small updates from Google as part of its constantly revolving policy. This time it is no different as it has been a month since the release of latest Fred algorithm and we have just started to see its substantial effects over search engine rankings.

Though there haven’t been any official stance over the areas being hit by “Fred”, however, the only clue that have been rolled out is that “Fred” update will be targeting websites that do not adhere to webmaster guidelines. This means that websites with poor-quality content and low-rating backlinks are most vulnerable to get penalized for their Black-Hat SEO. Though poor quality backlinks and content aren’t the only factors that are expected to be penalized with “Fred”, however, these two are the most common for black-hat SEO strategy.

Don’t get Nervous – There’s always light at the end of tunnel!

If you have already been penalized or fear that you will be hit with penalty, here’re some steps that you should start working on right now:

  1. First of all you should see if you are already hit with “Fred” or not. You can easily know this through Google Analytic traffic and keywords monitoring. If you saw a lowered traffic or keyword ranking for the month of March; most probably you have been penalized.
  2. Whether or not you have been penalized; it’s time to invest in high quality content. Add some fresh, relevant and highly engaging content to your website – the early you do this the better!
  3. Identify keywords that have lost rankings; you can do this easily through comparing past and present rankings
  4. For keywords that have lost their ranking or with poor-quality content; start writing high quality, properly stuffed and relevant contents. It’s better to start-off this by pages that generated most traffic before “Fred”
  5. “Backlink Spam” tool can help you identify any or all bad backlinks that are dragging your position over search engine. Only leave high-quality “”good” backlinks like anchor text similarities, no follow etc. These are considered as website’s strength by search engine crawlers.

An Overlook to Fred Update and Concerns

To be precise, the “Fred” update seems to hit bad SEO tools that had been incorporated in the past. For instance, if you had any outdated, irrelevant or ad heavy content as your primary rank generator; your website can be hit any moment. So, basically all you got to do is to refresh your content with intriguing, informative and relevant information with naturally stuffed keywords (neither too low nor too high).

Apart from low-quality contents, bad backlinks are another area where “Fred” seems to hit hard. Most SEO agencies or businesses have invested in paid “artificial” backlinks, which now is going to affect your ranking badly. In fact, websites with outdated content are also vulnerable to bear bad backlinks. So, while updating your content you should simultaneously locate and remove any or all bad backlinks associated with your website.

Incorporating legal SEO techniques – The best way forward

As a matter of fact, this isn’t the first neither it will be the last update to hit bad or Black-Hat SEO techniques. Google has previously launched many updates aimed to tackle forged search engine results and optimize legitimate websites / businesses. This pretty much sums-up the way forward for businesses to invest in white-hat legitimate and webmaster’s recommended SEO techniques, provided they want to avoid “Fred” or any future update by Google.

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It’s Time To Move Towards Online Shopping In Pakistan

E-commerce industry in Pakistan is shaping-up. Well that’s isn’t a mere statement, but has its due stats behind it. Though eCommerce industry in Pakistan lag far behind many other countries like China, India, Europe and America, good news is that it has finally began to grow. Today, 3% of the total population are online shoppers, which though represent a much meager situation but also shows off the potential of country for future.

People Often ask me about the future of eCommerce industry and that how safe it is to invest in eCommerce industry in Pakistan. Well, within my sight as a SEO consultant, I foresee a growing and booming future of eCommerce industry in Pakistan and I have my reasons to state that.

For instance, Rocket internet has been pouring a lot of investment into the eCommerce sector recently and for good effects. Similarly, many university groups are initiating their own eCommerce based websites that’s the focal center for all growing industries. One such example is “Uber for Rickshaw” which was started by local tech savvy boys in Lahore. It is innovation like these that I foresee a promising future for eCommerce industry in Pakistan.

Working as a SEO expert in Pakistan, I have had privilege of being part of many successful eCommerce businesses and for me it is only a matter of time that people will start moving from traditional shopping to online shopping industry. Going for online shopping isn’t just good for the businesses and industry, rather it is also a great ease for shoppers to be able to grab their hands on everything they need from their home. In fact, I would say that it’s due time to go for online shopping in Pakistan.

Here’s why you need to shop online in Pakistan:

  • Firstly, online shopping brings a whole new world of ease and comfort. Our lives are already too busy with work routines to be able to handle shopping pressure. Online shopping presents you an ideal opportunity to get anything you want (from clothing to edible items and from electronics to mechanical parts) right from the comfort of your home or even office. In fact, stats show that number of online shoppers from mobile devices have surpassed traditional online shopping (through laptops or desktops). This simply shows the efficiency and ease that online shopping brings into our daily lives.
  • Since, eCommerce industry is still expanding with new start-ups popping out of everywhere, there’s a healthy competition around in market. This healthy competition means that online shoppers have a chance to compare pricing over different eCommerce sites and get the best deal they found.
  • E-commerce business that links sellers to buyers like OLX, Pakwheels etc. are a great source of getting everything you want without any middleman. This is simply an amazing opportunity for shoppers to directly get in contact with sellers and but any additional costs.
  • E-commerce industry is in fact setting shopping trends in Pakistan (that we so dearly missed for all those years). These include special discount packages and yearly sales (Black Friday). In fact, this year Black Friday records the single largest sales volume in history (showing the acceptance of online shopping among general public).
  • There are all too many pros for online shopping and many more will follow as the industry grows. For now, you can definitely enjoy a premium shopping experience and avail all great discount packages through online shopping.
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Best SEO Tools To Use, By SEO Experts In Pakistan

Blog by SEO Consultant in Pakistan - Zain Ul Haq Fareedi

SEO is the field in which you have to carry out every single step manually, there is no automatic traffic generating tool in the field of Search Engine Optimization. You have to carry out manual steps and tricks for link building (off-page) and on-page SEO. But however, after the usage of some tools you can convert the SEO process from fully manual to semi-manual. So, what are these tools through which you can make you SEO semi-manual? The SEO specialists/ Experts of Pakistan have listed the best SEO tools which can make your work easy. And we here in this article will mention only a few of those tools. If you want a detailed description and the whole list of such tools you can either get in touch with SEO experts in Pakistan or can yourself find out the tools through internet search. Here is a list of paid and unpaid/ free tool.

Unpaid/ Free tools:

  • Google webmaster: Webmaster is a tool for website owners through which they can easily check the status of their websites. This is Google’s one of the best services which is free of cost. Through it a person can check the number of links submitted, what number of links is indexed, in what on-page content there is duplication etc.
  • Moz SEO toolbar: Another much important SEO tool through which you can easily listen the page and domain authority and also can check the information related to back link directly and immediately. This is the reason behind the excess use of this tool by SEO experts as through it one can instantly have a glance of the whole site.
  • Google Analytics: This is an advanced SEO tool which is mainly used by people to see the organic and business traffic on their sites. The feature due to which it becomes the most advanced tool is its capability to increase the number of users.
  • Screaming Frog: This is another advanced and one of the best featured SEO tools which is being used by several SEO experts of Pakistan and abroad. The reason behind it being one of the best featured tools is that this tool allows you to search scripts, websites, links, images and several other things giving an overview of the searched items as well.
  • Google Page Speed Insight: This tool is being used to increase the loading speed of a page and this feature of this tool makes it an outstanding tool which encourages SEO personals or website owners to use the tool.
  • Google Trends: Another most important tool is Google Trend which keeps you up to date on every latest industry trend in the field of Search Engine Optimization. This tool also helps the optimizer in getting comprehensive support regarding the keyword research.

Paid Tools:

  • Moz: This paid tool gives you a lot of assistance in order to increase your page rank. It provides you the on-page suggestions, landing page tracking, analytic data, keyword tracking etc. the cost this amazing tool is $99.
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